What's left when you're not angry?

I can't think of anything to bitch about right now. It's completely foreign to me. Usually all I have to do is pause for a moment, reflect on the last day or two, and I have a bucket of gripes to complain about. Right now.... I feel pretty good!

But I remember...

I had a little housefly in my shop the other day. The bastard kept landing on my legs, my arms, my head.... all on bare skin (yeah, I'm a baldy). It could not be ignored. I'd shoo him off my head, and ten seconds later he'd land on my calf. Then I'd shake my leg, and he'd park on my forearm. Tickle, tickle, tickle.  He would mock me as he wiped his little fly hands in front of his little fly face. I tried the bent ruler snap. Nope. The loaded pencil whack. Nope. The spastic flail. No dice. I considered keeping the shop-vac near my side. I considered registering for a shotgun. I considered burning down the shop. For hours, the little shit taunted me.

I wanted to take it out on the world. I wanted to punish god. Damn little fly, anyway. There's plenty of dog poop around our house. Plenty of composting food stuff, thanks to Metro, the festering ass pustule of unelected government within the city government. Okay, now I'm mad.

So as I stepped outside to scream, I noticed something nice. Something....soothing, and it brought me much joy. I saw spiderwebs. Spiderwebs, everywhere. And I pictured my new little fly friend, looking for me, distracted, getting snared in a web.

Life's little victories.