Sunny Sunday in Portland

What a gorgeous morning! August, sunshine, fresh spiderwebs, smells of coffee... I like it. I'm tinkering around with this new website & blog with the windows open and the No Agenda show on the speakers, live.

Birds are chowing down on the fresh sunflower seeds I put out. They're such cute little fellas. Funny thing lately - a western scrub jay and a northern flicker have begun a feud. They are both almost exactly the same size and each wants control of the suet feeder.  They perch opposite one another, exchanging warning calls and dirty looks.  Occasionally one will lunge at the other, sending the defender flapping in a circle only to return.  I hope they don't come to blows.

I have a HUGE Monday coming tomorrow. I have 90 invitations to sand and ship, along with a few smaller orders.  I imagine it will take 2 1/2 hours or so. That's fine and all, but I have 23 unanswered emails from Etsy in my inbox.

So do I spend Sunday with my family, enjoying the day? Or do I "work" and get a head start on Monday?

Hmmm.........  life's decisions.