He hung his wild years on a nail.

Lunch time, and I'm spooning tomato bisque into my coin-slot of a mouth. So far not a drip on the keyboard! I like to live dangerously. No crackers, no fillers - just organic bisque. What the hell is bisque, anyway? Fancy name for soup? So they can charge more? I'd look it up, but it takes so much effort.

On that note, I went to a free psychiatric clinic to ask about my lack of motivation problem. They told me to see a doctor at the end of the hallway. I asked if there was anything closer.

My nephew is 9 years old, and I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. "A garbageman" he replied without hesitation. I asked him why. "Because they only have to work once a week".  Brilliant kid.

So the bisque is gone, and so is my motiv


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